Mortgage Renewal Benefits

General Reagan Wright 12 Dec

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Do you know about all the incredible options renewing your mortgage can afford you? If not, we have all the details here on how to make your mortgage renewal work for you as we start to think about 2024. Get a Better Rate Are you aware that when […]

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Tax Deductable Mortgage Option??

General Reagan Wright 22 May

There are several taxation and investment growth benefits to the Smith Maneouver.   What is the Smith Manoeuver? ™    It is a legal tax strategy that effectively makes interest on a residential mortgage tax-deductible in Canada. The strategy has a remarkable snowball effect that generates large and growing annual tax returns, enables the homeowner […]

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So, You Want To Be A Landlord?.

General Reagan Wright 27 Jan

Are you dreaming about owning a rental property and making some extra income each month? Before diving into becoming a landlord, there are some things you should know from the advantages and disadvantages to some tips when it comes to buying a rental property. Advantages of Owning a Rental Property If you’re looking to purchase […]

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First Time Home Buyer Program

General Reagan Wright 7 Nov

Consider this scenario:   You are living with family and want to invest in an investment property, and will not occupy property.  Does that mean you forgo your First Time Home Buyer privilege’s when you do purchase your first primary residence in the future? The short answer: Purchasing an income property will not prevent you from […]

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Co-Signing A Mortgage

General Reagan Wright 1 Nov

Whether you are the borrower who needs a co-signer or someone has asked you to co-sign for them in securing a mortgage approval, you should read this article to fully understand all of the implications. The mortgage landscape has changed a lot over the last couple of years and as a number of new mortgage […]

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8 Things To Avoid After Your Pre-Approval

General Reagan Wright 24 Oct

1. Don’t apply for new credit  It may seem natural to apply for a credit card at a home improvement store or a furniture store when you are bout to become a homeowner, but applying for credit can lower your credit score. Not only will you lose a few points because of a credit inquiry, […]

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Advice for Single Homebuyers

General Reagan Wright 3 Oct

Advice for Single Homebuyers. Buying a home is an exciting experience for anyone, and even more of a milestone when you’re doing it solo, but it can be a little different when you’re purchasing on your own. While it can be easier to tailor your mortgage and home search to exactly your needs, it can […]

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Critical Property Tax Information For Alberta Home Buyers

General Reagan Wright 8 Jun

🚨 Alberta home buyers across the province are in a property tax predicament. As of June 1, Land Titles are processing new registrations from March 1, 2022… so unfortunately, this may put new property owners in a bind when it comes to paying property taxes at the end of June. If the legal land transfer […]

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On Going Expenses to Budget for after Buying a Home

General Reagan Wright 29 Apr

Buying a home is exciting, but no one ever said it’s cheap. There’s your mortgage payment, of course. But there are also several ongoing expenses you need to plan for. Homeowner costs: Condo maintenance fees If you buy a condo, you’ll be required to pay monthly fees for the maintenance of the common areas of […]

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Renewing Your Mortgage

General Reagan Wright 25 Mar

Did you know? Close to 70 percent of mortgages never make it to the end of their term! This means that, for a variety of reasons, homeowners are ending their mortgages early. However, that still leaves a solid 30 percent of home buyers who keep their mortgage until the term is up and it is […]

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